I'm a wedding and portrait photographer turned brand photographer. I specialize in helping women owned businesses to envision and create beautiful imagery of themselves, their products
and their services.    


After years of shooting weddings and portraits, those same clients started coming to me for content for their businesses.

And I found that I loved working with these heart driven go-getters...hearing their stories and dreams, and their journey with their businesses.  And as that part of my business grew, I decided to move away from weddings and toward this collaborative, creative world of helping other entrepreneurs like myself to realize their dreams. 

I believe in wholehearted business.
I believe in being true to who you are, your values and vision.
I believe in the power of collaboration.
I believe in bringing beauty (and fun!) into everything we do.

When not working you'll find me in the woods, up a mountain, or on (or in) a river! Nature is my BFF

From Top:  Down time, Girlfriend time, Nature time

I've been a photographer for almost two decades, have been published in over 20 magazines and blogs, two books, and work with some of the top creative talent in my area. I love traveling, hanging out with my sweetie, my family and my girlfriends - and hiking and camping every chance I get in the gorgeous PNW!


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