Start Where You Are Workouts

Lisa was visiting the PNW from her native Germany and hit me up for a branding shoot for her online coaching business. We did a set in the studio, and then went outdoors to show her doing what she does best – taking the workout on the road. Do you constantly tell yourself you don’t have time for a workout? Do you take a walk and then you’re out of time for anything else? I was really inspired by her ingenuity when it comes to making a workout out of a walk through the woods, or a stroll along the coast. With nothing but her body as resistance – or as an alternative, utilizing some of the very cool tools out there for taking it on the road, she followed the course of the walk I take most mornings and transformed it into a full-fledged, full-body workout. Yes it took a bit more time than my usual walk, but when is spending more time outdoors a bad thing? And as far as economies of scale go, it’s a total win. Go follow her on Instagram @lisaproescher and check out all her adventures while getting some great on-the-go tips.

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