If You’re a Mom of an Addict, You Need to Meet Brenda.

Seattle Branding Session

I first met Brenda on an editorial shoot in Seattle that focused on powerful women 50+… she was one of the models, and believe me, she is powerful.

She also is well versed in talking about the vulnerability that comes with parenting an addict. But while most groups out there focus on the child, and ways of helping them, she focuses on the person who all too often quietly carries the load of grief, stress, anxiety, anger – and heartbreak, but seems to get forgotten in the midst of the gravitational pull that is the addict …the mother.

Meeting Brenda you know at once that there is a deep well there, and she comes from a place of intimate knowing when it comes to what moms need when faced with the ones they love the most being swallowed up in the life of drugs.

If you have a child involved in drugs, and you need support for you, go check out her podcast “Hopestream” and the resources on her website.

If You’re a Mom of an Addict, You Need to Meet Brenda.

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