Let’s Talk About Headshots

I know what you’re thinking. “I hate the idea of getting my headshot!”, or “Mine is fine – I took it myself with my phone and put a sweet filter on it”, or “I don’t need a headshot…that generic silhouette placeholder that reminds me of a crime scene chalk outline is just great for now”. (Yeah, sure, you’ll get around to it one of these days.)

I can’t tell you how many cringy over-filtered 10 year old iPhone headshots I see out there that are supposed to be representing a grown-ass person in business. I know for sure I skip right over those people when I’m looking for a professional to solve my problem for me and take my hard earned money. I mean, if they don’t take themselves and their business seriously, why should I?

And no – your outdated snapchat filtered selfie profile picture isn’t fooling anybody.

I get it – it’s really hard in this era of curated perfection when it comes to our faces…trust me, I’m 58 (feeling more like 38, but whatever) and I struggle with it too. But here’s the thing. When you finally meet your client in person it’s kinda like those little white lies on dating sites. They feel a bit duped. “Wait…you’re not 6′ tall??” And if you can’t be honest about yourself then why should your client trust you about anything else? Those little lies are not harmless – they have an effect. It’s your first impression people! Don’t make it a lie, and don’t misrepresent. DO make it the best damn picture of your real self, and embrace everything you are and everything you’ve worked for – they’ll appreciate it and feel like you’re the genuine article and someone they can relate to and trust.

So – go act like the professional you are, and get a headshot that shows you at your best, and reflects your personality and professionalism!

Let’s Talk About Headshots

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