Rooted in strategy,
driven by process,
made magical by you...
that’s brand photography destined for success.

Wondering how it all works?
Read up on my simple, proven formula for powerful visuals and clarity in your brand.

How we do things matters. 


It’s the sole truth at the center of process driven design. 

My approach to brand photography is intuitive and intentional –
nothing is by accident, yet we also invite the muse.

Once you bring marketing tactics into that mix, you’ve got a game-changing blend
of inspired content backed by selling strategies that convert. 

Step 1:  Send a note

Fill out the form on my contact page to inquire for availability. Then, I’ll ask you a handful of questions about the kind of photography you’re looking for, your vision, and how I can help you make it happen. From there, we’ll find a date on the calendar to plan our shoot.

Step 2:  Strategize the content

This is where the magic happens!

We’ll work together to get crystal clear on your brand story, your ideal client avatar, and the “why” behind your work.
Teaming up to excavate your brand is secretly
my favorite part of the whole process.
Everything we uncover together will build the strategy
behind your session.

It’ll inform the choices we make–setting, wardrobe, mood–everything will be curated with your ideal client in mind. And I’m here to support you through all of it. A branding session without strategy is like a cupcake with too much frosting:
Pretty to look at, but hardly satisfying.

Step 3:  Shoot with purpose

This is where the rubber meets the road.
It’s time to shoot!
With our strategy session in the rear view and a shot list in hand, you’ll know everything that’s on the agenda. You can count on good vibes, great light, and the guarantee that you’ll have a damn good time.

"Suzanne’s images exceeded all the expectations I had about a brand shoot.
Collaborative and creative, she was amazing to work with from start to finish.
With her attention to detail and artistic eye she was able to capture exactly what I was hoping for.
Her gorgeous images have helped me establish my brand and new website."

Melissa Harris
Owner/ Pure Skin + Wellness

I felt 'seen' by her and was able to see myself differently and that was deeply therapeutic for me. She is an extremely gifted artist and photographer and I couldn't give her a higher recommendation. You will be so grateful you chose to work with her!


I cannot thank you enough for all your creativity and talent. What you have done for me in creating the photographs is something I will treasure forever!


Thank you so much for the amazing experience! Love love loved all of it!


Grab 5 of my 
stock photos...