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Hair & Makeup for Brand Photography

Do I really need it? I get it – you don’t think you need to hire someone to do your hair and makeup for your brand photography session…I mean, you do it for yourself everyday right? Maybe you’re afraid of not looking like yourself in the pictures if someone else does it for you. Or […]

event planner's personal branding session

If you’ve read my past post on what a Brand Session is all about, then you know a well thought out and intentional wardrobe is an essential ingredient for a successful shoot. But what do you do if you’re at a total loss when it comes to your wardrobe? In my experience, women struggle with […]

brand photography session for wellness clinic

AND WHY DO I NEED IT? Ok, let’s break this down. Although it can sound a little intimidating, a brand photography session is really just a way to tell your business’s story visually. Yup – that’s it.  But hold on… Branding photography is so much more than that! You might be wondering why it’s so […]

senior portraits as personal branding with lifestyle photography

SENIOR PORTRAITS – BEYOND THE YEARBOOK When was the last time you went and looked at your senior portraits? If you are of an age where you now have kids in high school, I’m willing to bet they looked something like this. Wow – have things changed! Static, studio shots with a limited range of […]

Your brand aesthetic has a lot of heavy lifting to do.
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When you’ve got a fraction of a second to make an impression on Instagram, you can’t afford
to miss the mark.
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