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An Evening at Armoire – in person!

(Remember how fun that used to be?) Ellevate Seattle’s “Step Into Your Style with Confidence: An Evening at Armoire” Join us for a brief, insightful program followed by lively networking and style-browsing at the fabulous Armoire boutique: Doing something “with style” means doing it with confidence. We’ll share three ways to gin up that confidence […]

I’ve decided to quit new years. I’m tired of all the expectation and the bad habit of saving up making changes until that arbitrary moment….

Seattle Brand & Lifestyle Photography In a world where “personal branding” appears to be the domain of 20-somethings striking moody poses in cool clothes, it’s easy to understand why many women entrepreneurs don’t connect with the term. I get inquiries all the time where potential clients say “Oh – I don’t need a branding shoot…I […]

Your brand aesthetic has a lot of heavy lifting to do.
You’re the architect of your business, 
but in front of my camera,
you and I are collaborators of the best kind.

When you’ve got a fraction of a second to make an impression on Instagram, you can’t afford
to miss the mark.
But you already knew that, right? ...

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