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What’s The Big Deal.

I’ve decided to quit new years. I’m tired of all the expectation and the bad habit of saving up making changes until that arbitrary moment….

In a world where “personal branding” appears to be the domain of 20-somethings striking moody poses in cool clothes, it’s easy to understand why many women entrepreneurs don’t connect with the term. I get inquiries all the time where potential clients say “Oh – I don’t need a branding shoot…I just need updated images of […]

What were you doing when no one was watching at nine years old? Of all the advice and workshopping around authenticity and what your path in life should be, this has hands down been the best advice I’ve ever heard…go back in your memory and think about what you did at nine years old when […]

Your brand aesthetic has a lot of heavy lifting to do.
You’re the architect of your business, 
but in front of my camera,
you and I are collaborators of the best kind.
When you’ve got a fraction of a second to make an impression on Instagram, you can’t afford
to miss the mark.
But you already knew that, right? ...

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