5 Reasons You Need A Branding Session

  1. Your clients are savvy these days…and even if they aren’t fully conscious of why the stock images on your site aren’t landing – they are fully aware that they aren’t. Research shows that images of a “real” person (you!) have a much higher conversion rate than a stock photo of a generic smiling face for instance. I’ve photographed everyone from attorneys to health coaches, and the principle remains the same!
  2. Clients are looking for connection – they want to be able to relate to and trust the person they’re choosing to do business with…and you can’t have a relationship if you don’t show up for it! The easiest way to do this is to have some images of you on your site, and in your social media feed.
  3. Conveying a solid message relies on consistency and professionalism. If your imagery is generic, bland, amateurish and inconsistent your dream client will pass you by. Remember…you are not your client. Who is your ideal client? What are they looking for when they are scrolling through websites looking for that perfect solution to the problem they are trying to solve?
  4. I don’t know about you, but when I see bad imagery, generic content, and an inconsistent look on someones feed or website, I don’t take them seriously…why? Because clearly they don’t take themselves seriously. If they aren’t willing to invest in their business why should I? I know from experience the power of investing in yourself – it has a profound psychological effect that takes you to the next level. None of us are masters at everything…time is your greatest asset, so spend it doing the things you are good at and that bring value to your business. Hiring a professional to provide you with rich imagery for your brand will save you time, and in the end let you do the things that will increase your income and more than compensate for the investment.
  5. Professional, informed imagery communicates the value of what you’re selling. It helps tell your story and convey your message quickly and clearly, and invites the viewer in with an aesthetic that speaks to their desires or needs.

So. Are you ready to do this? Imagine having pictures you love of you, your business, your team and your products that you feel proud to put in your social feed and website, and that are as original as you are?

How would that make you feel?

Confident, right? And when we feel confident, we do amazing things.

5 Reasons You Need A Branding Session

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